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Seismic Simulation, Survey, and Imaging (S3I) ver 1.0

Purpose of S3I:

  • Provides an easy MATLAB®-based library to simulate seismic imaging
  • Produces synthesized data for any given velocity model
  • Targets students as well as professionals in exploration geophysics
  • Provides an efficient implementation of the processing pileline for seismic imaging
  • Provides a platform to build other features such as interpretation and reservoir modeling

Microseismic Monitoring

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Large North-Sea Dataset of Migrated Aggregated Seismic Structures (LANDMASS)

At CeGP, we have been working on creating big datasets for post-migrated seismic volumes. The LANDMASS dataset is now available for development, testing, and benchmarking of various techniques aimed towards seismic applications such as retrieval, classification, machine learning … etc.

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Salt Dome Interpretation Tool ver 1.0

At CeGP, we are conducting research on the automation of seismic interpretation for post-migrated seismic volumes using advanced pattern recognition, machine learning, and human vision system models. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) version 1.0 for visualizing, testing, and benchmarking various algorithms for salt dome delineation is now available to download. This version (v1.0) of the GUI compares different salt dome delineation algorithms.

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CLoud Visual ExploreR (CLeVER)

CLeVER is a cloud-based visual explorer developed in Django for Microsoft Azure. It makes storage and computing resources available to probe large datasets even from devices that don’t have the necessary minimum system requirements to run similar software.

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