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Large North-Sea Dataset of Migrated Aggregated Seismic Structures (LANDMASS)

At CeGP, we have been working on creating big datasets for post-migrated seismic volumes. The LANDMASS dataset is now available for development, testing, and benchmarking of various techniques aimed towards seismic applications such as retrieval, classification, machine learning … etc.

Datasets in LANDMASS:

  • LANDMASS-1, contains 17667 small “patches” of size 99×99 pixels. It includes 9385 Horizon patches, 5140 chaotic patches, 1251 Fault patches, and 1891 Salt Dome patches. The images in this database have values in the range [-1,1]
  • LANDMASS-2, contains 4000 images. Each image is of size 150×300 pixels and normalized to values in the range [0,1]. Each one of the four classes has 1000 images.

How to download the dataset?

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