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Seismic Simulation, Survey, and Imaging (S3I) ver 1.0 [PDF]

Purpose of S3I:

  • Provides an easy MATLABĀ®-based library to simulate seismic imaging
  • Produces synthesized data for any given velocity model
  • Targets students as well as professionals in exploration geophysics
  • Provides an efficient implementation of the processing pileline for seismic imaging
  • Provides a platform to build other features such as interpretation and reservoir modeling

Microseismic Monitoring

Structure of S3I Library:

structure S3I

Main Functions of S3I:


  • Acoustic/elastic wave simulation
  • Pre-stack depth migration
  • Least square RTM
  • Full waveform inversion

Other Features:


  • Open source
  • Pre-stack depth migration
  • Least square RTM
  • Full waveform inversion

Example of RTM

structure S3I

(a) True velocity model (b) Aggregated RTM result
(c) Seismic data for one shot (d) Migrated image for one shot

How to download the S3I?

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